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Premium Collection Services
Insurance premium should be paid in full and on time by the customer to ensure continued policy benefit. For over 12  years, Prudential has been diversifying its nationwide Premium Collection Channels, bringing fast, safe and convenient methods of payment to our customers.
Prudential Customer Service Centers
Văn phòng Giao dịch
With 26 Business Operation Management / Customer Service Centers and over 230 General Agency offices located throughout 63 provinces, customers can pay their premiums easily at any of these locations.
Click here to see the list and addresses of Prudential transaction offices. 
Home collection is an additional service offered by  Prudential for the convenience of our customers. Customers may request this service at any location where the Home collection service is available.
For any questions relating to the premium collection service, please call the Prudential Hot Line: 1900 545498 or a servicing agent for further support.
Please note that:

1. A Valid receipt must have:

  • The red seal of Prudential; show the official document numbers/authorized decision to use which is issued by the Ministry of Finance; within the expiration period; security code; the content on the receipt must be fully filled, clear and not be erased
  • Sample of Receipt to collect the initial premium accompanied with the insurace proposal document
  • Sample of Receipt to collect the renewal premium, the return amount for automatic premium loans and the respective interest of the advance amount
  • Each receipt will have 2 copies, 1st copy for Prudential store, 2nd copy for customer store, the information on both copies must be same and collection amount in receipts is wihin limit. Customer must sign off and write out full name on both copies of receipt

2 .It is the customer's responsibility to provide sufficient and accurate information when paying a premium. In order to receive payment confirmation SMS from Prudential, customer need to provide phone number to agent before submitting. Please compare security code on SMS receive from Prudential with its on receipt. Please contact 1900 54 54 98 for more information.

3. Customer must keep valid receipt as proof of premium payment. On demand of tax invoice, please contact the earlier Customer Centers to be provided. Any complaint relating to premium collection without a "Valid receipt" with sufficient and accurate information will notbe considered as a legal complaint for Prudential to resolve.