Accelerated Critical Illness Rider

Helps you secure financial resources in advance for treatments of cricital illnesses

Accelerated Critical Illness Supplemental Rider provides you payment in advance to treat up to 29 critical illnesses on the covered list including Cancer, Heart-attack, Stroke, Kidney failure, etc. With this rider, you can avail yourself with the most advanced medical treatments to help you conquer your illness and increase your recovery rate.


After the 90-day exclusion period, customers are paid in advance a portion of the main product’s benefits. This rate is determined by the customers.
After the rider’s benefit is paid, the Sum Assured and premium rate having to pay to main product will be declined a proportion accordingly and the main product is still in force.
(*) The critical illness list is stipulated in Terms and Conditions of this rider.
(**) In all cases, the paid amount will not exceed death benefit of the purchased main product.

Benefit Illustration

Mr. B, 34 years old, purchased a Whole life policy (Phu-Truong An) with the Sum Assured (SA) of VND 200 million and attached Accelerated critical illness supplementary product (rider).

  • If Mr. B chose to be paid 70% of the SA and Mr. B unfortunately suffered from critical illness at the 7th policy year, the amount he received, would be as below:

Accelerated Critical Illness













·          If Mr. B chooses 100%...

Accelerated Critical Illness 2

Criterion requirements

Criterion requirements

One of the purchased main products
Whole Life (Phu-Truong An)
Enhanced Pru Save (Phu-An Khang Huu Tri)
Pru Premier Cover (Phu-Bao An)
Age of entry
18 – 60 years old
Max age of expiry
65 years old

Note: Please refer to Terms and Conditions to learn more detail.