Waiver of Premium Rider

Keep your policy in force and your investment safe even when you can no longer pay the premium

Waiver of Premium Rider  insures that your policy remains in force,  protects all benefits accrued and keep your investment money safe in case you can no longer pay your premium. A smart addition to protect the future of your family.


If the policyholder dies or becomes Totally and Permanently  Dismembered, the current main policy and all other supplementary products purchased will continue in force without further premium payment.

With this important Waiver of Premium Rider, your beneficiary - your children - will continue to benefit from the accrued value of your policies

Benefit Illustration

Mr. A, 30 years old, purchased Pru Cash Double (Phu-An Gia Tich Luy Dinh Ky) for his 6-month old child, with the Sum Assured (SA) of VND 120 million, policy term of 20 years. Mr. A also attached Waiver of premium supplementary product (rider) with 20 years term. Three years later, he unfortunately suffers from Total and Permanent Dismemberment (TPD) due to an accident. His benefit illustration is as follows:

waiver of premium

Criterion requirements

Criterion requirements

Must have purchased one of these main products
New Universal Life (Phu-Toan Gia An Phuc)
Whole Life (Phu-Truong An)
Pru Premier Cover (Phu-Bao An)
Age of entry
18 –60 years old
Max age of expiry
65 years old

Note: Please refer to Terms and Conditions to learn more detail