About Prudential

Showing appearance in Vietnam in 1995 and officially commencing operations in 1999 with the motto of “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.”, Prudential Vietnam has successfully been the pioneer of the life insurance sector. The business system of Prudential Vietnam stretches nationwide with more than 300 customer care centers and branches located in 63 cities and provinces of Vietnam thanks to the cooperation with 07 partner banks.

Serving in Vietnam for 21 years, we provide the best insurance service to millions of Vietnamese people.

Tập đoàn Prudential

Our Group

We a leading provider of health and protection insurance products to the emerging middle-class families of the developing-economic regions.

Prudential Việt Nam

Prudential Vietnam

We promote our brand and corporate image based on unique philosophy, logo and core values.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, Prudential Vietnam has made great strides in initiating, sponsoring and contributing to meaningful, pragmatic and practical volunteerism

Là đối tác lớn đóng góp vào những hoạt động ý nghĩa


Triển khai các hoạt động hỗ trợ nâng cao sức khỏe

Healthy Living

Chương trình hỗ trợ cộng đồng

Community support

Tin tức báo chí

Press Release

Besides operating a very successful insurance business, Prudential Vietnam also focuses on community development and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Branding Campaign

Prudential hopes that each of us need to spare some time to truly listen and deeply feel from the bottom of the heart and the love of your beloved. Only when you listen with sincere feelings can you understand the true meaning of family.


tin tức báo chí của Prudential

life companion

Life Companion

LIFE COMPANION’s mission is to accompany and give supports to its users during their life milestones through useful and practical information around 4 categories:

  • COMPANION IN FINANCE – Help users to financially plan for their family and themselves
  • COMPANION IN PARENTHOOD – Update them with new parenting trends and methods
  • COMPANION IN HEALTH – Provide tips for better physical and mental health
  • COMPANION IN RELATIONSHIP – Share rules of thumb for relationship management

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