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Prudential Vietnam is proud to be a member of the Prudential Group, the world leading life insurance firm being tremendously developed and sustainably grown with the commitments on making investments in and having strong attachment with Vietnam market.

Showing appearance in Vietnam in 1995 and officially commencing operations in 1999 with the motto of “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.”, Prudential is the leading life insurance company which has been helping over 1.5 millions of Vietnamese people achieve their protection needs and wealth aspirations in life. The Company provides products focused on Protection, Saving and Investment via over 176,000 financial consultants, an expansive network of over 350 general agency offices, branches and customer care centers located in 63 provinces nationwide, a network of 6 reputable bank partners and over 128 hospitals and clinics all over the country. Prudential Vietnam is also the pioneer in technology innovation to enhance customer experience over their journey with Prudential.

During the life of operation, Prudential Vietnam has achieved multiple awards from domestic and foreign prestigious organizations. Especially, in 2014, it was an honor for Prudential Vietnam to be rewarded the Labor Medal II by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as the recognition for the contributions of Prudential Vietnam to the social and economic development of the country.

Besides its core business, Prudential Vietnam also focuses on social responsibility. During the period of 2012 – 2018, the Company has contributed 175 billion VND across 3 pillars of education, healthy living, and community support. The Asia Insurance Review also recognizes Prudential Vietnam as the life insurance firm having best social activities.

Following the success in the life insurance sector, Eastspring Investments Fund Management Co., Ltd. were founded in June 2005 to provide the best effective and sustainable financial solutions to meet the various demands of clients in Vietnam.

Prudential Vision

Our Vision: Being the first-choice life insurance service provider of Vietnamese families. 

Our purpose: Committed to your progress in life. 

Our commitment: We put customers at the center of our business and highlights the human connection, simplicity and innovation in everything we do for them. 

Our logo: Goddess Prudence which was based on the painting of Prudence by Sir Joshua Reynolds, is the public face associated with the Prudential brand name since 1848. Goddess Prudence is one of the four cardinal virtues, including Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance. Since Greek and Roman times Prudence has been personified as a woman holding a serpent and a mirror. She may also be shown with compasses, representing her measured judgment, a book or a spindle. 

The corporate logo launched in 1986, attached with brand line “Always Listening. Always Understanding”, is of a much more stylized Prudence but remains faithful to the traditional symbolism. 

Since 2019, with new brand commitment, Prudential logo represents few changes. Prudential today is not only listening and understanding, we are delivering. 

Logo with new Ribbon graphic element, which represents our commitment to progress, highlights Prudential’s proactive & forward-thinking mentality and our agility meeting customers’ need. Also, brand line is changed as “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.”, which reinforces our purpose of helping customers progress in life, meeting their evolving needs in a highly digital world by TAKING ACTION through delivering comprehensive, innovative & human-centric solutions.


Our leaders and management team are the founder of success and the reason that we proudly call ourselves ‘the best worldwide insurance service provider’.


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Our History

We are proud to be a member of Leading International Life Insurance with over 20 successful years in Vietnam.

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With strong commitment to service excellence, our efforts have been recognised by the Government and Vietnamese people through variety of brilliant awards.

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Our business performance is indicated through annual financial report.

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