About Chevening program

Chevening is the UK government international scholarship programme for the global leader development. Sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and its partners, Chevening scholarships are given to the potential leaders to obtain one-year Master Degree programme in the UK. The Chevening alumni network comprises by nearly 400 members who are successful experts in many sectors. The scholarship programme will provide financial support and opportunities to the future leaders all over the world to develop their expertise, to learn and experience the UK culture, and to become part of the Chevening global network.

Benefits of Chevening Vietnam Career Mentoring Program

During ten-month duration of the programme, the Mentors (advisors) will help the Mentees (students who receive advices) to learn about the sectors they expect to pursue, then analyse the different professional options in the sectors as well as advantages and disadvantages of each options.

The Mentors will help the Mentees to identify their own strength and weakness so that they can choose the proper job for their long-term development. The Mentors and the Mentees will discuss on what can be improved and practical opportunities to assist students in reinforcing their abilities to prepare for starting to develop selected careers after graduation. The Mentors will also help the Mentees improve their recruitment channels searching skill, tips for application preparation (CV make up, introduction writing, interview…)

Students who complete the programme will be potential candidate seeds for the Chevening scholarship to persuit Master Degree in the UK in future.

How the programme works?

The Mentors who are Vietnam Chevening alumni participate as volunteers, will be able to spend time on guiding and supporting the Mentees (one Mentor – one Mentee) to identify and pursue their career goals.

The Mentees are the successful candidates selected after filtering process. Eight students have been selected for the pilot year of 2016 – 2017. The number of selected students will probably increase if there are many qualified candidates and if there are more Mentors participate as volunteers in the programme. Each selected Mentor – Mentee will have ten months working together under the programme.

Kick-off Chevening career mentoring program with Prudential

With the aim of developing the Chevening Scholarship Program in Vietnam and creating a stepping stone for the success of future generations, the Chevening Alumni Network has initiated the Chevening Career mentoring Program in Viet Nam. The program will assist talented students in orientation and career development right after graduation.

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