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Minimisation of Disaster Risks which is the programme coordinated between Prudential Vietnam and the Department of Disaster Prevention and Control – Ministry Agriculture and Rural Development, has launched since 2015. In 2017, 15 thousands maps of storm and tropical depression prevention were given to nearly 15 thousands fishmen and 75 thousands notebooks were given to 7500 pupils. The total value of the sponsorship which is nearly 620 million VND was given in 5 provinces in the Central coastal areas including Quang Binh, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen.

In recent years, the programme has been expanded: 17 automatic rain gauges which cost nearly 700 million VND were given to government representative of Ha Giang an Yen Bai provinces by Prudential Vietnam (In August, 100 million VND was also given to two schools in Yen Bai suffered from flash floods and landslides by Prudential Vietnam); 50 million VND was given to the poor families in Ha Tinh and 50 million VND was given to the pupils in Nghe An and even more other meaningful activities.

Programme Reach

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Prudential supports more than 1 billion VND to restore schools damaged by Damrey strom in central Vietnam

This is the second phase of disaster relief package implemented by Prudential Vietnam in 2017

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After Ha Giang, Prudential continues to bring "Safe Schools" to Quang Tri children

Prudential Vietnam Asuarrance officially started construction of "Safe School" at Ba Dat Village, Dak Long Commune, Dakrong District, Quang Tri Province on 04/11/2017.

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Prudential donates more than 1 billion VND to people and pupils in disaster-prone provinces

September 21, 2017 - As part of the 11th APEC Senior Officials Meeting on Disaster Management, a side event of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

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Prudential launches communication program "Disaster Risk Reduction" in Tien Giang

On July 21, 2017, Prudential Vietnam Asuarrance Company cooperated with Save the Children organization to implement Disaster Risk Reduction communication program in Tien Giang.

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Prudential emergency assistance for people in the Central region suffered damage from natural disasters

From October 21st to 25th, Prudential will donate 20,000VND on each issue policy to support the people in Central Vietnam who are suffering from natural disasters.

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