Prudential Vietnam and “Home without Tobacco Smoke” program

“Tổ ấm không khói thuốc”

“Tổ ấm không khói thuốc”

As at May 29th, Vietnam Women's Union cooperated with the Ministry of Health to execute the “Home without Tobacco Smoke” program as a response to the World No Tobacco Day (May 31st) and the National Week of No Tobacco (May 25th to 31st of 2016).

 The attendees of the ceremony comprised of Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc, Thinh - the Vice President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Ngo Van, Quy – the Vice President of the People’s Committee of Ha Noi City, Ms. Nguyen Thu, Ha – the Chairlady of the Vietnam Women’s Union, and 1,000 members of women, and youth union members of Ha Noi Capital.

 The “Home without Tobacco Smoke” program was organized so as to reinforce the role of women in building up a home, to mitigate disease and death risks for indirect smokers, and to execute the “Home with Five Don’ts and Three Clean” program for the purpose of welcoming the women delegates of all levels of the term from 2016 to 2021 as well as of preparing the 12th National Women General Meeting.

In order to create the environment without tobacco smoke, Prudential Vietnam joined in the program with practical contributions and propagandized the message of creating home with no tobacco smoke.

 Currently, there are approximately 15 million Vietnamese citizens smoking tobacco, and Vietnam is one of 15 countries having the highest rate of smokers of the world. Accordingly, the tobacco smoke exposure rates of women and children are nearly 70% and 50% respectively. Going along with the program, Prudential Vietnam has shown its care, sympathy, and protection of the health of Vietnamese women and children.

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