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Founded in 1848 in London of the United Kingdom, Prudential Group is one of the world leading financial service groups being specialized in providing life insurance services, financial services, and property management services in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Asia.  With more than 165 years “always listening and always understanding” the needs of clients, Prudential Group is always one of top ten world leading insurance firms and (is) one of pioneer of the life insurance groups of the United Kingdom. Up to now, Prudential Group has successfully met the life insurance demands of around 24 million clients around the world as well as managed the property totally valued at £ 509 billion (as at 31 December 2015). In Asia, with more than 90 years of experience, Prudential has been actively operating in 14 markets, and this famous brand name enters the Vietnam market in 1999.

 The close cooperation among the headquarters and the business entities around the world helps Prudential to take advantages of the growing demands of property accumulation and pension income of its clients. The world-scale operations, the revenues from the different geographical areas, and the variety of product all together establish the dominance of Prudential.

Under the Prudential Group are a number of well-respected brands

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Life Insurance Company

In the U.K., Prudential is a leading life and pensions provider offering a wide range of retail financial products.

Jackson National Life

Jackson National Life

Jackson National Life is our U.S. life insurance business, and one of the market’s largest to provide long-term savings and retirement products.

Prudential Châu Á

Prudential Corporation Asia

Prudential Corporation Asia, with operations in 14 Asia markets, is the leading Europe-based life insurer in market coverage and a leading regional fund manager. (As of 31st December 2012)

Prudential Corporation Asia

Since 1923, Prudential has enjoyed a rich and extensive history in Asia. Prudential now has life operations in 13 Asian countries that comprise Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea.

Prudential is also one of the largest asset management companies in terms of overall assets sourced in Asia excluding Japan. Its fund management business has expanded into 10 countries in Asia that comprises Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, China, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates.

Within a decade of vigorous, sustained growth, Prudential has become the region's leading European-based life insurers in terms of market coverage, as well as a major player in the Asian fund management sector. It has also built a powerful brand that is well-known and highly regarded across the region's diverse geographies and cultures.

In addition to its approximate 400,000 staff and agents, Prudential has forged distribution partnerships with Asia's leading banks such as Standard Chartered Bank, UOB (United Overseas Bank), etc, enabling customers to access its products and services through a wider variety of channels, whilst also extending its reach across the region.

(As at 31st December 2012)

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