Prudential launches health care tracking project via myDNA

myDNA là một hồ sơ dữ liệu về lối sống

Ứng dụng điện thoại độc quyền

Báo cáo myDNA

myDNA là một hồ sơ dữ liệu về lối sống
Ứng dụng điện thoại độc quyền
Báo cáo myDNA


On Nov 11th, 2017, Prudential Vietnam officially introduces a new programme named myDNA – this is a healthcare tracking management based on myDNA application with a nutrigenomic analysis service. myDNA is yet another example of Prudential’s long-standing commitment to provide innovative, high quality products and solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers.

Based on a sample of saliva of customer, myDNA provides a simply and fully personalised report, from which will be advised daily properly regimen and exercise via application to be installed in smartphone and on-demand chat with specialists. In early stage, myDNA is exclusively provided to customers applied for insurance application with ILP Pru-Wealth Assured products to meet the conditions of ILP Promotion program in HCMC & Ha Noi.

To be developed for urban customers who have big requirements about updating information, discovering their own needs, healthy as well as approaching technical and scientific progress, myDNA project has met requirements not only by a detailed report about personalized genetic particularity, but also synchronized with an application in smart phone- one of the young familiar companions in digital age. Customers have been flexible consultation about daily diet and activities appropriate to their own health via this application. Otherwise, one of interesting experiences to customers could take photograph of food to check it on application in order to know nutrition content and appropriate food with their own constitution.        

Based on DNA application to manage and improve personal health has become a trend of great potential development. In genetics, nutrigenomics is a new filed research to study the impact of foods to human genome. Research from myDNA provided scientific information about influences of DNA on individuals in their diet, nutrition and physical exercise through a straightforward detailed report with visual illustrated images.

Additionally, customers could set their personal goals such as gained weight, fat reduction….as well as keep track their progresses via myDNA application in smartphone. With a great advantage of myDNA app is the ability to support customers closely and smartly through on-demand chat and 30-minute-free-consultation by nutritionists.   

MyDNA is one of very original projects of “customer- centric” strategy and closely approached urban customers whom Prudential has introduced with market in this year such as PRUbot and Pop-up insurance store. 


In this digital age, the concerns and behaviors of people especially the younger generation are changing. MyDNA will help our customers understand their unique DNA so that they can set and achieve their health goals. Together with the support of a dedicated smartphone application and guidance from professional nutritionists, we hope myDNA will become a companion to our customers as they pursue a healthier lifestyle for the long term,” Mr Phuong Tien Minh- Chief Marketing officer of Prudential- said. 

Danny Yeung, Chief Executive Officer of Prenetics, says “ By providing a professional data based on myDNA analysis, we hope to help individuals achieve better long-term health outcomes by proactively making healthier lifestyle choices.” 

Pan-Asian reach 

In Asia market, Vietnam follows Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia in launching the myDNA program by Prudential. myDNA has been developed by Prenetics Limited, the leading genetics-focused digital health company in Southeast Asia.

As a pioneer always launches new creative and practical adding-value investment products to customers, Prudential has selected to become a familiar, reliable companion with Vietnamese is a smart step with customer towards reaching a modern and better life. 

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