Prudential - 'The Best place to work in Viet Nam'

prudential best places to work 2016

Prudential tiếp tục là “Nơi làm việc tốt nhất Việt Nam”

prudential best places to work 2016
Prudential tiếp tục là “Nơi làm việc tốt nhất Việt Nam”

On 22 March, 2017, Prudential Vietnam was honored to receive the "Best Place to Work in Vietnam 2016" award and continued leading of insurance industry (life and non-life insurance). This is the consecutive fourth time that Prudential has been honored since 2013 based on results of annual professional research about recruiter’s brand, published and organized by Anphabe and Nielsen. The survey was based on 46 elements of 6 group of main categories: gross wages and benefits; quality of work and life; career path opportunities; leadership; culture; company’s value and prestige.

Prudential is a leading of insurance market with 18 years of operations in Vietnam. A corporation has excellent capabilities in all aspects of financial services such as security, investment, saving as well as providing diversified and plentiful products to meet higher and higher demands of life insurance market.

Prudential is not only a well-known company of financial services, but also it has proven its intrinsic value. Specificity is a good working environment with diversified investment activities for human being:

  • Gross wages and benefits: providing Life Care program - a wage and reward package, diversified and competitive welfare, qualification and dedication of each employee has been recorded to recognize for reward timely and accurately.
  • Quality of work and life: Providing programs help employees balance work and life: long-term health insurance packages for employees and their families, a modern gymnasium in office building, consultative sessions from international experts, teambuilding activities such as Happy Hour, Friday Innovation Talk ...
  • Career path opportunity: a competitive business model with attractive and plentiful career path opportunities.
  • Leadership: with strong commitment of the good leadership always listens to the needs and contributions of employees.
  • Business culture & Value: building a good business culture for employees.
  • Company’s prestige: Prudential is always recognized as a leading company of insurance industry.

Mr. Steve Clark, CEO of Prudential Vietnam said, "At Prudential, we always think that human are the greatest asset. How to motivate employees to devote their time to work or "retention" talent staffs have strong long-term attachments to Prudential, is leadership’s ever-concern. Competitive Compensation and benefits; leadership’s listening and understanding attitudes; and caring activities ... are our assertions in efforts to build Prudential become a best workplace, it helps our employees to be always full of energy and enjoy their work in a balanced work and life environment  ".

 With 18-year-operation in Vietnam, Prudential has been a trusted name in life insurance industry with more than 300 customer service centers in nationwide, and diversified and preeminent financial services. They have been served for risk insurance needs in future of millions of customers. Prudential also demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility through community activities to be made resonance and maintained annually. With “the Best Workplace in Vietnam 2016" award, Prudential has “shattered" a traditional and standard workplace environment image and continued to be career selections of candidates who have been indulgence, closing and development in the insurance industry, at the same time,  we also successfully consolidates the leading position in Vietnam market.

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