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In Prudential, it’s not a job, but it’s your career!

Career management philosophy

Your career success matters

People are one of our most vital assets. We care about our employees’ development and growth and we want to nurture your success within Prudential


We embrace career diversity and support our employees’ efforts to explore and manage their careers in different ways


We are open and committed to support exploring all of career development directions

Shared responsibility

While everyone must take a leadership role in managing their own career, it is critical that employee, manager and HR work together to reach our full potential

A diversified opportunity to develop your career

career move architecture

A key component of reaching our business goals is meeting the needs of our employees and keeping them engaged and motivated. In today’s constantly changing and demanding business environment, it is critical for each of employees to continually improve our skills and remain flexible. As employees, this means seeing your career as a continuous, ongoing process of assessment, exploration, and growth. Taking that into account, Prudential offers our employees with various career opportunities including: vertical movement which means a promotion to higher position, or lateral movement as a move to a role with similar level of responsibility in a different function/department/region; or diagonal movement which is a move to a role with a greater level of responsibility in a different function/department/region

How we support your career?

our people career path in prudential

  1. Career management toolkit
  2. Training and development activities
  3. Career discussion with line manager
  4. Internal transfer opportunities

Career Opportunities

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