"More Than Just a Career?"
You work with us, you live with us

Prudential believes that the development of talented leaders is extremely important and is an objective to help maintain its leading position in Life Insurance industry in Vietnam. In addition to developing internal talents, Prudential also sources potential external candidates.

At Prudential, Compensation & Benefits are top priorities of ours to employees. Our aim is at taking good care for Compensation; Health & Wellness; Work-life Effectiveness; Recognition; Career & Talent Development.

Prudential is the right destination for talents who love challenges and aspire to grow endlessly.

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Your health. Our care.

As one of the world-class life insurers, we understand how a good health matters to your life and work. Many of our benefit programs, from prevention & protection to treatment, are developed to take care you and your loved ones. Some of the most prominent offerings are yoga class, health talk, mental counseling, pension plan and life insurance and many more.

Your wealth. Our care.

We believe financial peace of mind is by far more important than any other factors to help you enjoy your life at the fullest. Interest-free loans can be one of the best examples to show the goodwill towards our people. Meanwhile, PRUshareplus is a compelling investment opportunity to help increase your income. And many long-term incentive programs are waiting for you.

Your contribution. Our care.

We would not have been able to achieve tremendous successes over the past years without lots of contribution from our dedicated people. As such, at Prudential, we offer a wide range of recognition programs to award each and every contribution, from high performance, core value demonstration, successful project completion to coaching and mentoring activities.

Staff Activities

We are people business, people is our only asset. With ideas, aspirations, accomplishments & challenges, our people are engaged in all activities to keep our work fun!

Department Overview

Manage all internal and external communication to promote the corporate image and company culture, and maintaining effective working relationships with both media and other stakeholders, and manage Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Government Relations is responsible to build and maintain good relationship with the regulators.

Lead the business through such strategic development and business transformation journey; drive the process of building strategic action plans of the each department to make sure alignment between corporate strategies and department action plans.

Build a strong, sustainable and professional distribution team to achieve the company sales targets and market shares. And also be responsible to develop new channels and/or partners for expansion

Ensure the healthy ­financial status of Prudential, advice the Business leaders on how to invest for short and long term but still aligned with Corporate and Government Guidelines.

Actuary is to design and price insurance products, set financial reserves and assess solvency position of Prudential Vietnam.

Provide the well-advanced management tool to sustain the organizational business growth through attracting good people with Prudential culture now and future; building Culture of Collaboration, Innovation, High Performance, Respect and Engagement in Prudential, providing holistic training and development to People to be able to cope with change and ensuring employment management aligned with local law.

Make sure Prudential maintain systems for day-to-day operations and provide new initiatives about Information Technology to support Company objectives and focus on Customer.

Identify, plan, execute and analyze initiatives in term of market intelligence, product development, channel strategy as well as risk & marketing combined analytic and segmentation. De­fine and implement strategies that support those areas and position the company strongly to meet competitive challenges.

To encompass the examination and evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the Prudential Group's system of internal control and the quality and performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities.

To grasp that Business Unit context, to function as first contact between auditees and Audit Committees to carry out assigned projects at the based Business Unit and travel on assignments to other Business Units if required.

Assist and performs oversight on the ­first line of defense on monitoring of compliance risks such as mis-selling, fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, and non-compliance with local law/regulations/ group policies.

Provide legal advice services & risk management to ensure that Company’s daily operations are in line with the effective regulations, policies and insurance standards.

Manage and implement the insurance operation processes and provide supervisory and supports to over 200 Prudential General Agency Offices through activities improving customer services, agency support, corporate services and external relations.

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