Lifecare - Total Rewards at Prudential Vietnam

At Prudential, Compensation & Benefits are top priorities of ours to employees. Our aim is at taking good care for Compensation; Health & Wellness; Work-life Effectiveness; Recognition; Career & Talent Development.


Your health. Our care.

As one of the world-class life insurers, we understand how a good health matters to your life and work. Many of our benefit programs, from prevention & protection to treatment, are developed to take care you and your loved ones. Some of the most prominent offerings are yoga class, health talk, mental counseling, pension plan and life insurance and many more.

Your wealth. Our care.

We believe financial peace of mind is by far more important than any other factors to help you enjoy your life at the fullest. Interest-free loans can be one of the best examples to show the goodwill towards our people. Meanwhile, PRUshareplus is a compelling investment opportunity to help increase your income. And many long-term incentive programs are waiting for you.

Your contribution. Our care.

We would not have been able to achieve tremendous successes over the past years without lots of contribution from our dedicated people. As such, at Prudential, we offer a wide range of recognition programs to award each and every contribution, from high performance, core value demonstration, successful project completion to coaching and mentoring activities.

Our Workplace, Our Culture

Let’s watch the best place to work in Life Insurance Industry at Prudential Vietnam.

Staff Activities

các hoạt động của nhân viên prudential

We are people business, people is our only asset. With ideas, aspirations, accomplishments & challenges, our people are engaged in all activities to keep our work fun!

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