Record Investment Performance. Prudential Vietnam Distributes One-Off Special Bonus. Amounting To Vnd 521 Billion To Eligible Policyholders Of Participating Policies.

(June 15, 2007) - Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Limited (Prudential Vietnam) announced today that it is distributing a special bonus with a face amount of VND 521 billion to its policyholders who own participating policies with an effective date on or before 31 December 2003 and that are still in-force as of 1 July 2007. For this special event, if these policies above have been lapsed and reinstated by 31 July 2007 they can also qualify for the special bonus.

The one-off special bonus increases the guaranteed benefits of the policy and is on top of the annual reversionary bonuses declared on all participating policies earlier this year.

This is the first time Prudential Vietnam has declared a special bonus and it results from the recent exceptional investment market performance. As a result, Prudential has generated investment returns higher than those projected.

The face amount of VND 521 billion will be shared by more than 740,000 eligible policyholders. The amount of special bonus and increase in maturity value of each policy will depend on the policy type, the policy term, the policy size and the year of commencement.

Said Binayak Dutta, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Vietnam, said “We are always trying to deliver good value to our customers. We are very pleased that the strong investment performance has given us the opportunity to reward our policyholders with this special bonus. Prudential Vietnam is proud to be the first life insurance company in Vietnam to do this. ”

The amount of reversionary bonus to be declared in each future year can vary upwards or downwards depending on past actual performance and the future outlook, particularly the outlook in terms of the future investment performance of the company. The bonuses which have already been declared will be guaranteed and paid upon the insurance events or policy maturity.

In July 2007, individual statements showing the amount of special bonus will be sent to all eligible policyholders.

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