Special Reversionary Bonus 2013

1. Reversionary bonus for 2013

Reversionary bonus for 2013 shall be declared for participating policies which have:

  • Risk commencement date (RCD) before 02/10/2013; and
  • In-force status at the time when reversionary bonus for 2013 is declared.
Eligible productsRegular reversionary bonus rate (*)
Pru Nurturing Talents (**) 5.00%
Pru Cash Double, PruTriple Educare, Pru Retire Easy, Pru Cash Back, Pru Smart Saver 3.25%
All existing participating products except the above products 2.00%

(*) Reversionary bonus is calculated on:

  • Sum assured as at 31/12/2013; and
  • Accumulated reversionary bonus (if any), up to the time when reversionary bonus for 2013 declared (Accumulated reversionary bonus included special reversionary bonus declared prior to 2014 (if any)).

2013 reversionary bonus shall be in proportion with the period for which premiums have been paid for each policy during 2013.

(**) According to current practice, annual reversionary bonus rate will be announced for participating policies with risk commencement dates before 02/10/2013. Pru Nurturing Talents was launched in Nov-2013; therefore, in future bonus declaration, the reversionary bonus rate for 2013 of 5.00% for Pru Nurturing Talents shall be declared to qualified policies in proportion with the in-forced period in 2013.


2. Terminal bonus (TB)

In addition to reversionary bonus as above, we are pleased to inform that, this is the sixth consecutive year PVA declares terminal bonus for participating policies which meet the following criteria:

  • RCD before 01/01/2004; and
  • One of the following events occurs during the period from 01/04/2014 to 31/03/2015 when the policy is still in-force:
    • Maturity; or
    • Death/TPD; or
    • Products which have bonus vesting date as end of premium term: Pru Scholar, Pru Master, Enhanced Pru Save, Lifetime Endowment, Pru Triple Educare

These policies have been with PVA for a long period of time and their premiums have significantly contributed to the formation PVA investment assets.

Terminal bonus declared as percentage of sum assured will vary in accordance with the RCD of the policy as shown below:

Risk Commencement DateTerminal bonus rate as % of Sum Assured (***)
Before 01/01/2000 31.0%
From 01/01/2000 to 31/12/2000 20.0%
From 01/01/2001 to 31/12/2001 17.0%
From 01/01/2002 to 31/12/2002 11.0%
From 01/01/2003 to 31/12/2003 4.0%

(***) Notes:

  • Terminal bonus will only be payable when death/TPD claims or maturity occurs during the above-mentioned period or in accordance with the periodic cash payment ratios specified in the policy terms and conditions.
  • Terminal bonus shall be declared on a year-by-year basic only. The terminal bonus rates for future years may change or may not be declared at all.
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