Level Term Assurance


100% sum assured

Dealth benefit

100% sum assured

Total and permanent disabilities benefit

Product Details

Premium Term
  • For regular pay: same as policy term
  • For limited pay: 5/ 10 years
  • For children: same as policy term
Policy Term
  • For regular pay: 5 - 30 years
  • For limited pay: 10-30 years
  • For Children: 5-30 years
Entry Age
  • For regular pay: 18 - 60 years old. Maximum age at maturity: 65 years old
  • For limited pay: 15 - 55 years old. Maximum age at maturity: 65 years old
  • For children: 0 - 17 years old. Maximum age at maturity: 47 years old
TPD Benefit

100% sum assured

Death Benefit

100% sum assured

Other Benefits


Covered risks



100% Sum Assured (SA)



  • Total and Permanent Disabilities (TPD) benefit shall be paid in 10 equal instalments in 10 years; the unpaid benefit as at the maturity of this rider or upon the Life Assured (LA)’s death shall be paid in one shot.
  • Death Benefit shall only be paid if no claim has previously been made for the TPD benefit.
  • If the LA is a child aged below 4, the Death/TPD benefit shall be the return of premiums or payment of a percentage of SA applicable to the respective age.

All of features and insurance benefits presented hereunder are of summarized nature and for reference only. All features and conditions thereof shall be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions as approved by the Ministry of Finance.
Please carefully study the terms and conditions to master your benefits and products' features

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