To maintain this convenient service, any customers with a mobile phone number registered on file with Prudential can access and receive the latest information through their phone.

Customers can contact the nearest Prudential office to register or simply call 1800 1 247 to enjoy SMS-8099 immediately.

Benefit of PruSMS:

Periodically, customers will receive updated information about their policies, such as premium installment due date, status of policy or new product information as well as the latest promotions, totally free of charge. In this way, customers can get instant confirmation of a transaction without the delay via postal channel.

You can retrieve your information at anytime, anywhere by accessing through the coding method indicated below and send to 8099 (only 500vnd per text)


Info on your insurance policy
Information of policy servicing agent

PRUD_DL_Policy or Proposal Number

Example: PRUD DL 12345678

Application status

PRUD_HS_Policy or Proposal Number

Example: PRUD HS 12345678

Policy status

PRUD_HD_Policy or Proposal Number

Example: PRUD HD 12345678

Claim benefit processing status

PRUD_CL_Policy or Proposal Number

Example: PRUD CL 12345678

Register your new phone number

PRUD_DD_Phone Number

Example: PRUD DD 01234567890

Register your email address

PRUD_EMAIL_Policy Number_Email address

Example: PRUD EMAIL 12345678

Register / Interruption / Help in usage
Cancel PruSMS usage


Example: PRUD HT send to 8099

Resume PruSMS


Example: PRUD NT send to 8099

Help in using PruSMS


Example: PRUD TROGIUP send to 8099



  • _this underscore mark signify a space in your text message.
  • 500 vnd per text message.
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