PRUVIP+ là chương trình chăm sóc đặc biệt

PRUVIP+ is a special care program for VIP customers with many priority service at Prudential Customer Service Center, annual health checkup or receiving many meaningful gifts. In addition, PRUVIP+ customers can also enjoy many attractive offers provided by Prudential’s partners.


RanksSum of Annual Premium Equivalent (VND/year)
Diamond >= 350,000,000
Platinum >= 150,000,000
Gold >= 25,000,000
  • The eligible policy must have a registered phone number.
  • If a customer owns more than one policy, the total annual premium of all policies will be sum up to decide the VIP ranks.


Criteria >= 25,000,000 VND/year >= 150,000,000 VND/year >= 350,000,000 VND/year
New year calendars X X X
New year gifts   X X
Birthday gifts and cards to Policy Owner X X X
Birthday gifts and cards to Main Life Assured   X X
Annual health checks for Policy Owners and Main Life Assured   X X
Claim services at home**     X
Prudential Customer service center priority service X X X
Attractive offers and deals from Prudential's partner X X X


** Applied in such insurance events as Death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Critical Illnesses.

Attractive gift

  • Birthday gift

    On birthday, PRUVIP+ members will receive birthday card and gift from Prudential. Especially, customers can choose a gift or birthday cake which fits your need and interest.

    This benefit applies to all members PRUVIP+ and the main Life Assured of Platinum and Diamond members. Birthday gifts collection will be updated and changed each year. We hope customers will always be satisfied with our services.

  • New year gift

    Every New Year occasion, prudential will send New Year gift to Platinum and Diamond members as a wish of lucky and prosperous New Year.

  • New year calendar

    New Year Calendar will be sent to all PRUVIP+ members as a symbol of the good cooperation between Prudential and PRUVIP+ customers.

  • Annual health checkup

    Every year, Platinum and Diamond members and all Main Life Assured will be invited to participate in a health checkup with the special health checklist designed accordance with the age and gender of customers.

    Click here to view the Hospital/Clinic information.

    Click here to view the annual health check list for Platinum and Diamond members.

Priority service

PRUVIP+ members will be prioritized in the following services: underwriting and new business process, claims, policy administration, complaint handling and prioritized at all customer service centers.

Partner’s special offer and discount

PRUVIP+ members will receive a PRUVIP+ membership card based on their rankings including Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Prudential cooperates with various partners in health care, retails, education, hospitality and financial services to bring PRUVIP+ members special offers when using and shopping at these partners’ stores and outlets.

Click here to view all the detail offers.

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