Prudential is committed to acting for a better life. In addition to strong business results, Prudential has been initiating, sponsoring, and contributing to meaningful social activities, and supporting the community to create a healthier and more prosperous life for the people of Vietnam, focusing on three areas: Education, Health and Safety

Là đối tác lớn đóng góp vào những hoạt động ý nghĩa


Prudential places a strong emphasis on sustainable community-driven activities. In particular, education is a priority as it is a principle for positive changes in many aspects of socio-economic life, creating national resilience and building a prosperous future for young generations.  

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Xây dựng lối sống khoẻ cho cộng đồng


Prudential has also focused on building a healthy lifestyle for the community over the years. The company has been promoting not only training activities and the broadening of knowledge, but also a sustainable lifestyle so that people can live in harmony with nature under the long-term strategy of “Adaptation to climate change and environmental protection”.

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Chương trình hỗ trợ cộng đồng


The "Safety" program, which has been an annual activity of Prudential for many years, attracts thousands of employees to participate in many meaningful and practical projects carried out across the country, contributing to the improvement of living conditions for Vietnamese people.

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