Our key focus is on enhancing financial literacy: helping children and young adults learn the importance of money management, and providing them with vital skills to plan for the future.

Our Programmes


Cha-Ching Curriculum

Developed by Prudence Foundation, Cha-Ching is an award winning financial education programme that provides 360 degree platform to help instill money-smart skills in children aged between 7 – 12 year old.

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Chương trình Võ Trường Toản

Vo Truong Toan Award

This is an annual award to show our recognition and deepest thanks to the Teachers for their multiple contributions to the field of education.

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Chương trình Văn hay Chữ tốt

Prudential-good essay good writing

The contest has become an annual playground for secondary pupils to cultivate writing skill, as well as to support them become personalised and useful citizen for society

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Chương trình Cùng xây tương lai

Building the future together

This is a project for building pre-school and primary school which is sponsored by a fund called “The Chairman’s Challenge” 

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This scholarship programme is providing a stepping stone for successful careers in the future of excellent young generations and developing their careers after university graduation

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Hành trình gắn kết yêu thương

Journey of Love Connection

With the companion of Plan International and Saigon Children Charity - two big charity organisations, Journey of love connection is the series of volunteering activities in which we revisited those schools built in the project "Building the future". 

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Chương trình học bổng:

Scholarship for talented university entrance

This is an annual scholarship for new students who has just graduated from highschool  and lived in extremely difficult family circumstances

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