Prudential - Good essay - Good writting Programme

Exclusively sponsored by Prudence Foundation which is under Prudential Group since 2000, “Prudential – Good essay - Good writting” programme is co-organised by Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City.

Up to 2016, Prudential - Good essay - Good writting contest has been in constant companion with high school pupils for 16 years, granted thousands of awards to prize-winning ones and attracted hundred thousands of pupils to participate the contest every year. The goal of the contest is to cultivate writing skill, as well as to enrich their pure soul, to support them become personalised and useful citizen for society.

Having reputation in the field of education particularly and in society generally, Prudential – Good essay - Good writtingcontest has become an annual playground for pupils.

The love for our language and writing in general and the love for the subject of literature at school nowadays in particular more and less have been inspired by this playground, where many “young writers” are reinforced their strength, given more chances to promote their own abilities to reach further and higher to the sky of knowledge. 

The contest is expanded over Ho Chi Minh City.

  • The examination content is developed in an open direction
  • The pupils will visit some places, or have thematic experiences selected by the Organisation Board in order to feel the life around us and write the test following the selected theme (right after their visit)
  • There will be 6 highest-scored pupils selected from each district (three from grade of 8 and 9; three from grade of 6 and 7) who will participate city-level contest at Le Quy Don high school in District 3. 

Programme Reach


Awarding" Prudential - Good essay - Good writing" contest in the Mekong Delta region in 2016

On November 27, 2016, in Tan An (Long An), Prudential Prize - Good essay - Good writting  - the final round of the Mekong Delta


Award Prudential - Good essay - Good writting the 15th, Ho Chi Minh City

The contest "Prudential - Good essay - Good writting" in the Ho Chi Minh City final took place on the morning of October 18 with the participation of 192 contestants.


Awarding the contest "Prudential - Good essay - Good writting" for the 14th, in HCM city

On October 27th, 2013, the Organizing Committee of the "Prudential - Good essay - Good writting" contest held the 14th final of the contest in HCM City at the Youth Cultural House.


Awarding "Prudential - Good essay - Good writing" the 12th in HCM City

On 30/10/2011, Prudential - Van or Good Contest organizers held the award ceremony for contestants in the city. Ho Chi Minh City at the Youth Cultural House. HCM


"The 12th Prudential - Good essay - Good writting" - The Mekong Delta

On 04/12/2011, the Prudential - Good essay - Good writting Contest Organizing Committee held an award ceremony for contestants in the Mekong Delta at the Labor Culture House of Dong Thap province.

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