Prudential introduces the first Life Insurance Pop-up Store model

Prudential triển khai Pop up store

Pop up store

Prudential triển khai Pop up store
Pop up store

From Sept 23 to Sept 24, 2017, Prudential Vietnam Insurance launched the first pop-up store in Saigon Center - HCMC. It is also the first pop-up store model of life insurance industry in Viet Nam. This new initiative has been contributed to affirm the leading and consolidating Prudential’s position which has a lot of breakthrough investment and information technology innovation, as well as, an opportunity for Prudential initiatively bring up-to-date insurance services closer to customers but extremely friendly and nearly to customers’ hearts.

The pop-up store is a concept to be described stores only temporarily have appeared in a short time (a few days or weeks), usually placed in public areas such as business centers, market square….. Although the pop-up store has been a seasonal model, it always has made special effects and interests in where appeared by its original approach and unique strange model.

With the theme "strengthened future from here" Prudential's pop-up store is reproduced to design as a modern metro train model to accompany with the customers in a journey of experience and discovery. With 2-day-performance in Saigon Center, pop-up store is expected to attract nearly 10,000 visitors directly to visit and experience.

To design with purpose of bringing a specific experiences to customers, especially to  subjects are townspeople who familiar with modern technology, all activities at Prudential's pop-up store have been prioritized interactional factor to customers. A big billboard will be located in the central of business center to attract attention of visitors, as well as, a coordinator will directly communicate with viewer. Prudential will also install many of PC tablets for visitors could take part in short and interested quizzes to explore their future through the most life concerns such as: health, hoary age, children, and properties. Based on test results, if customers would like to make more inquiries, they will be consulted in more details by Prudential’s experienced agents.

In addition, policy owners can self-check their policy’s status or learn about new product by pre-existing machine systems, enjoy boisterous air at the pop-up store and receive meaningful souvenir gifts. With new approachable way, the existing customers also have opportunities to re-connect to be in Prudential’s care better.

In recent years, the pop-up store has become a popular tendency around the world because of its unforeseen appearance, unique decoration, and interesting interactive activities. Products have been sold in pop-up stores also been often special versions or limited edition. The pop-up store is a very familiar concept in fashion or technology industry, especially in developed countries. However, customers are familiar with traditional channels in insurance industry, the pop-up store is considered as a breakout model and required investment efforts seriously.

To determine on catching a prominent trend in the digital technology, Prudential is the first pioneered insurance company to perform Pop up store model, an up-to-date trend in the world. In order to focus of interactive experiences of customers, Prudential fearlessly has applied many improvements. Activities at Prudential's pop-up store are designed to connect businesses with customers to give Prudential an opportunity to be listened and found out about the needs of customers in life insurance actions thoroughly, advanced interaction with customers effectively.

After launching event was been successfulness at Saigon Center, the pop-up store model will be implemented at the top seven business centers, lasted until 20 Dec, 2017 in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi, expected to attract more than 52,000 customers to experience.

The pop-up store model is an effort of Prudential to new investment in the "Customer-centric" strategy in 2017, based on a commitment to continuously advance customer engagement and business quality. This is also a next step of an outstanding success of  PRUbot – Chatbot, the first insurance advisory and Financial Need Analysis (FNA) in Viet Nam to improve insurance consultation processing quality. In which, FNA is a questionnaire system to be designed specially to support customers have fully information to select the most suitable and ideal products. PRUbot is an "artificial intelligence" technology product via Facebook Messenger application, automatically responding and handling pre-programe. Expected to become an online companion to support customers quickly in 24/7, Customers will be advised information about product and late promotions, as well as, supported to make appointments with specialists as needed from PRUbot.

To pioneer introducing of new investment applications continuously, Prudential again affirmed its leading position in the life insurance market after operating over 18 years in Vietnam. Concurrently, company continues to consolidate and affirm the long-term goal to be becoming a close companion of Vietnamese to aim a civilized, modern and charitable life.

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