Prudential launches Matchbook



Prudential Vietnam has officially launched MatchBook at, a mobile application tool enabling customers to actively select and book their appointment with the company’s well trained and experienced financial advisors. MatchBook, which is the first of its kind in Vietnam, is just one in the series of innovative solutions introduced by Prudential Vietnam, and is an important element in the company’s “customer-centric” strategy aimed at enhancing the engagement and bond with Prudential’s urban customers. 

MatchBook has its origins from the company’s conducted surveys while its concept is adapted from world-famous match-making applications. The outstanding feature of MatchBook is it enables the customers to proactively select a financial advisor who matches their preference over three main personality types. Each financial advisor will upload their individual profile onto the site, and customers will select an advisor based on their preferred personality traits and type of consultation services they require. The common traits amongst the advisors are their deep financial understanding and interpersonal skills, by which they can tactfully and precisely address their customers’ queries. 

Once a selection is made, the matching profiles will appear on the customers’ homepage; they would only need to select one of them and submit an appointment request. Upon receiving the requests, including time and location, the financial advisors will contact the customers to make an appointment. 

Developed to meet the rising demands from young, upwardly mobile and tech-savvy customers, who are upwardly mobile, tech-savvy, and quick at researching their own personal needs, MatchBook is yet another example of Prudential’s innovative solutions combining creativity with modern technology.  The introduction of MatchBook, as well as other recently launched innovations such as Financial Need Analysis (FNA), Pop-up stores, PRUbot, myDNA, underscores Prudential Vietnam’s deep understanding of customers living in the urban areas, from their habits, behaviours to lifestyles. 

When we speak of urban customers, we are referring to their behaviours – they want better customer service, a greater amount of information and a higher level of satisfaction. We would like to emphasize that while MatchBook represents a shift in our customer approach, which places a high priority on customers’ decision to meet with financial advisors, the tool is also part of the company’s ongoing strategy that places the customers at the centre of all our activities,” said Mr. Phuong Tien Minh – CMO of Prudential Vietnam.

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