Prudential launches PRU-EDUSAVER

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26 October, 2017 – Prudential Vietnam officially rolls out PRU-EDUSAVER, an advanced education solution that helps parents establish a comprehensive education plan for their children. The key benefits of the plan are: a guaranteed education fund of 175% sum assured (SA) plus bonuses; enhanced benefits to further support the child’s future; financial protection for the family against multiple risks of up to 400% SA.

With an education fund1 of 175% SA, which is paid out in incremental amounts in the last 5 years of the policy, PRU-EDUSAVER is an effective solution for parents to keep up with increasing tuition fees for their child’s important academic development stages. Customers can also enjoy additional bonuses, including Reversionary Bonus2 and Terminal Bonus3. 

Besides providing an education fund, PRU-EDUSAVER helps parents further nurture their child’s future with enhanced benefits. Specially, Prudential Vietnam will offer a 25% SA cash reward for their child’s outstanding academic performance to support his future start-up plans. PRU-EDUSAVER also offers customers a free term rider for their child during the last 4 years of the policy term with SA equals to 50% SA of basis policy, not exceeding over VND 200 million. Prudential will also assist parents in building a secure financial future for their child by providing a policy issuance option without underwriting when they purchase a new policy for their child, with SA up to VND 750 million, upon the current policy’s maturity. 

Additionally, PRU-EDUSAVER extends financial protection to the family against multiple risks. In the event the Life Assured (LA) dies or suffers from total and permanent dismemberments or terminal illness, PRU-EDUSAVER will provide financial support of 100% SA. In the event the LA dies due to accidents, Prudential will pay in addition to death benefit of 100% SA if the LA does not have a biological child, or 100% SA times the number of biological children of the LA, but not exceeding  300% SA.

Not only helping to fulfil the children’s academic plans and protecting the family’s finances against the risks against the breadwinner, PRU-EDUSAVER also shares the family’s financial burden when critical illnesses and accidents unfortunately happen to the children, with optional Juvenile riders: Juvenile Critical Illness rider and Juvenile Accident rider. Moreover, customers can select other riders at reasonable prices in order to fully protect the family’s finances against different life risks. 

In his sharing regarding PRU-EDUSAVER, Mr. Phuong Tien Minh – Chief Marketing Officer of Prudential Vietnam said: “Not only does it help realize the parents’ academic dreams for their children, PRU-EDUSAVER also encourages the children themselves to achieve outstanding academic results by rewarding them; at the same time providing comprehensive protection solution for the entire family within single policy. With such optimal benefits, we believe that PRU-EDUSAVER shall be the next caring companion for all families in Vietnam.”

[1] Customers can choose to leave the education benefit at Prudential until the policy’s maturity to earn interst.

[2] Paid simultaneously with education benefits

[3] Paid additionally upon the policy’s maturity

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