Prudential vietnam launches “A Special Gift To Protect Your Love”

Bảo vệ yêu thương

Bảo vệ yêu thương

From Oct. 16th to Dec 31st, 2017, Prudential Vietnam is going to launch the “A special gift to protect your love” promotion campaign with total prize value to be up to 6 bil. VN$. As rule of promotion campaign, Customers will be received a lucky draw code when they apply for   insurance applications including a basic product with yearly premium is over 15 million VND, and enclosed at least 5 riders of health protection products, have chances received one of following prizes such as: 03 Prudential Scholarships are worth 300 mil. VN$ each, 10 UK trip packages for 02 persons are worth 125 mil. VN$ each, and 50 Singapore trips combined with general health check-up packages are worth 32 million VN$ each.

Additionally, the first 4000 customers who have applied for insurance applications including a basic product with yearly premium is over 20 million VND, and at least 5 riders of health protection products, will be received an early bird gift as Barrier water filter is worth 600k VN$ each. Especially, customers who have been issued an insurance policy to be enclosed 03 riders of health protection products consist of Term insurance, Enhanced Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Early stage Critical Illness, received 02 luck draw codes to double their chances for win prizes.

Originated in understanding the needs of customers, as well as, encouraging them to participate in insurance solutions with a lot of health protection products, Prudential expects their lovers are protected more completely and they have chances to receive attractive preferences in year-end.

 “In order to satisfy more and more diversified needs of many Vietnamese families, Prudential Vietnam also constantly makes efforts to introduce abundant products to bring  protections to themselves and their lovers against the risks. After campaigns have been interested in customers such as “Precious gifts of lovers” and “Customer Promotion”, “a special gift to protect your lover” campaign is the next step to help Prudential again affirms our companionable role of listening and deeply understanding customers.” Mr. Stephen James Clark, Prudential Vietnam’s CEO said.

In order to participate in campaign, Insurance applications must be applied and issued under half-year, yearly and single premium payment term, together with conditions of yearly premium and numbers of health protection riders to be attached in promotion period.

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