Prudential Vietnam launches PRU-FLEXICASH

HCM City, 2 November 2018, Prudential Vietnam Assurance Co., Ltd (Prudential Vietnam) has launched PRU-FLEXICASH, a life insurance solution offering benefits such as a 5% annual cash payment and a 200% lump sum payment at the plan’s maturity, for young customers looking for a disciplined savings plan that matches their dynamic lifestyles. While helping them save for the future, PRU-FLEXICASH also protects them against the financial impact of life’s unforeseen events.

PRU-FLEXICASH offers several benefits to customers*; the insured will receive an annual cash benefit of 5% of the sum assured, starting from the anniversary date of the second policy year (excluding maturity date). In addition, at the end of the policy, the assured will receive a payment of up to 200% of the sum assured, including bonuses. 

When the policy is in force, customers can have peace of mind knowing they are financially protected against Total and Permanent Dismemberment, Terminal Illness and Death. Should any of these adverse events happen, the insured’s beneficiary will receive a lump-sum payment of a maximum of 100% of the sum assured plus accumulated bonuses and total premiums paid. In the event of an accidental death, Prudential will pay an additional 100% of the sum assured. 

Prudential developed PRU-FLEXICASH in response to listening to and understanding the needs of its young customers. Based on a consumer commissioned by Prudential Vietnam in 2016, people aged between 20 and 30 are more likely than their counterparts to discover and enjoy life while being financially secured. Of the respondents, 47% of the young users expressed their intention of travel in Vietnam and overseas within five years while 34% of them had plans to enhance their academic qualifications and skills. In parallel, 32% said they would like to have a contingency plan to protect against financial damages due to unexpected occurrences in life. 

Clive Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Vietnam, said, “Prudential Vietnam is delighted to launch its latest product PRU-FLEXICASH aimed at young customers. Enjoying life’s moments whilst saving for the future is the desire of many young people in Vietnam. We believe Pru-Flexicash will allow this young and dynamic demographic group to truly enjoy life while helping safe-guarding their financial future.”  

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