''Building plastic pollution free communities"

vì một cộng đồng không rác thải nhựa

vì một cộng đồng không rác thải nhựa

Ha Noi, November 16th, 2018 – Today, at Grand Plaza Hotel Hanoi, Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd. (Prudential) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) signed the collaboration agreement on the project “Building plastic pollution free communities”, which aims to find solutions for plastic pollution problems on a large scale. This is also the launching program for a chain of activities from Prudential's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Climate Change Adaptation and Envirionment Protection strategy during 2018-2021.

Due to plastic products’ great convenience and low production cost, plastic waste is now rising up as a global environmental problem, becoming a serious threat to the human life. According to the statistics of Dr. Jambeck and partners (2015), there are about 150 million tons of plastic waste in the oceans and an average of additional 8 million tons of plastic waste emitted per year. According to the study by the University of Georgia (2015), Vietnam ranks 4 out of 5 countries in Southeast Asia emitting 54% of the total annual plastic waste volume. By the year 2025, there will be nearly 1 ton of plastic waste for every 3 tons of fish in the ocean. More worryingly, by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean waste will outnumber the amount of fish (according to the World Economic Forum, 2016). Plastic waste takes a very long time, up to centuries just to reach the complete decomposition. This process will create methane and ethylene, which are the 2 greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Therefore, the issues of plastic waste are demanding immediate actions from governments, organizations and individuals all over the world.   

Understanding such urgent requirements, "Building plastic pollution free communities" project co-operated by Prudential and WWF, will starts in 2 major cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. These are places where exist the rapid economic development going with robust population growth and urbanization, followed by many environmental implications. This signing ceremony has officially kicked off a series of operations aiming at changing the perception of Vietnamese people on plastic product consumption and its impact on the environment, ecosystem as well as human health. The decision to cooperate with WWF from Prudential stemmed from the shared vision for a better life and WWF’s efforts over the years to develop a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Prudential contribute up to VND 7 billions for this initiative in the first year along with the opportunity of expanding in the coming years. Therein, the investment for the collaboration agreement with WWF is approximately VND 5.5 billions. The crew of nearly 200,000 employees, agents and volunteers from more than 350 offices across the country will participate in the waste assessment process, as well as long-term planning on plastic waste reduction. Each member will become the project’s ambassador who is the change and inspiration in their family, in friend circle and in their community. Furthermore, with the advantage of being a role model pioneer in insurance industry, in this project, Prudential will spread out the positive inspiration to key influential individuals and organizations in our society, our millions of customers, institutions and communities nationwide, to join hand to promote the positive changes for the environment and the community.

Clive Baker, CEO of Prudential Vietnam: “For nearly two decades in companionship with Vietnamese people, Prudential has committed to build a sustainable Vietnam not only by business operations, but also by meaningful community activities. The signing ceremony today will also start Prudential Vietnam’s new CSR strategy about Climate Change Adaptation and Envirionment Protection. Prudential hopes to raise awareness among citizens and therefrom, they will change the habit of using plastic-made products, not only for a clean-living environment, but also for their own health. Prudential Vietnam will take on the companion with every citizen to do well and bring positive changes for the community, for a better life.”

Dr. Van Ngoc Thinh, Country Director of WWF Vietnam: “Plastic waste reduction is one of the six priority objectives in the global WWF’s Marine program. To achieve this goal, an approach made by WWF is with our partners, to build plastic-free cities and communities. With the cooperation with Prudential on this project, WWF Vietnam believes that it will change community’s awareness and behavior to create sustainable consumption habits, minimize the amount of plastic waste used and discharged daily in residential areas, schools and offices. As a result, the environment and marine ecosystem will be improved, the integrity of biodiversity is protected, and also, a healthy environment for public health is created.”

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