PRU-WholeLife Cover
Education Plan

The foundation for your children’s future 

As parents, no doubt nothing makes you happier than seeing your beloved children grow up and become successful. How to well-prepare a stable finance to support child’s education plan against all risks in life?
A financial plan from now could help realize your child’s education plan under any circumstances. Prudential is pleased to introduce PRU-WholeLife Cover - Education plan, a safe and effective financial solution flexible as per your needs for the future of your child’s education.


from 100% sum assured

Death/ Total & permanent disabilities benefit

from 200% sum assured

Accidental death benefit

from 50% 150% of one annualizes target premium

Loyalty bonuses benefit

zero-interest cash advance up to 50% of Policy account value within 6 months

Terminal illness benefit

Product Details

Premium Term

Up to 100 years old (flexible premium payment from year 6th onward)

Policy Term

Up to 100 years old

Entry Age

0 - 65 years old

Maturity Benefit

100% policy account value

TPD Benefit

Max (sum assured, target premium account) + excess premium account

Death Benefit

Max (sum assured, target premium account) + excess premium account

Accidental death benefit = Death benefit + 100% sum assured

Other Benefits

Loyalty bonus:

- 150% of one annualized target premium and shall be payable on the 10th Policy anniversary date.
- 100% of one annualized target premium and shall be payable on the 13th Policy anniversary date.
- 50% of one annualized target premium and shall be payable on the 16th Policy anniversary date and every 3 years thereafter.

Loyalty bonus is automatically added to Excess Premium Account Value

Investment benefit:

Earn interest rate based on perfomance of the Universal Life fund but do not less than guaranteed interest during policy term.

Terminal Illness benefit:
Zero-interest cash advance equals to 50% Policy Value Account but not more than VND 500 mil., for a period of 6 months as maximum, if the Life assured suffers from Terminal illness. 100% Policy account value still earns interest during the cash advance period of maximum 6 months. After 6 months, if the Life Assured is still alive and the Policyholder has not returned the cash advance to Prudential, the cash advance shall be deducted from the Policy Account Value

Guaranteed Insurability Option:
The Policy Owner has the right to increase sum assured without underwriting within 90 days from the date of one of following events:
• Life assured getting marriage;
• Life assured having a baby or adopting a child;
• Life assured’s child joining school including primary school, secondary school, or high school, or university.

Guaranteed Insurability Option could be exercised once only during the Policy term


PRU-WholeLife Cover – Education plan will give you the flexibility to change your financial saving plan to adapt to the changes of your children’s education plan.


  • Exempt from heath underwriting when increasing Sum Assured (SA) on following occasions: Life Assured (LA)’s marriage, LA’s having babies/child adoption, LA’s child joining elementary, secondary, high schools or university. (6)
  • SA ranges from 10 to 150 times of Target Premium, depending on protection needs and the age of LA



PRU-WholeLife Cover – Education plan protects the education plan of your child against risks of death or TPD.

  • Receive an additional 100% SA if the LA’s death is due to accidents (8)
  • Receive a zero-interest cash advance up to 50% of Policy Account Value (PAV) should the LA suffer from terminal illness. (9)
  • Financial support for the whole family in 1 policy through attachment of various riders.


With PRU-WholeLife Cover – Education plan, you will be worry-free when your saving always grows safely and effectively.

  • Child’s education plan is secured with guaranteed minimum crediting rate as follows:

  • Earn interest rate based on performance of the Universal Life Fund

The interest rate of the Universal Life Fund is publicly announced quarterly on website Fund Performance report and Statement of Insurance policies are yearly sent to customers.

  • Receive attractive loyalty bonuses to increase savings value of the policy. (10)
  • Equals 150% of one annualized Target Premium and shall be payable on the 10th Policy Anniversary date.
  • Equals 100% of one annualized Target Premium and shall be payable on the 13th Policy Anniversary date.
  • Equals 50% of one annualized Target Premium and shall be payable on the 16th Policy Anniversary date and every 3 years thereafter.


(1) Customer has the right to top up with maximum of 3 times of Target premium per year during the first policy year, and with maximum of Target Premium per year for subsequent policy years. Top-ups can be made after full payment of Target Premium till current Policy year and riders’ premium till current due date, if any. Prudential reserves the right to stop receiving top up at any time during the policy term with notification to the Policy Owner.

(2) Customers have a right to make cash withdrawal from Excess Premium Account value at any time during policy term and/or from Target Premium Account value from Policy Year 3rd onwards (the withdrawal amount does not exceed 80% of Target premium account value after deducting fees)

(3) Reducing or temporarily stopping premium payment is allowed from Policy Year 6th onwards. However, customers are recommended to maintain premium payment regulary or top up to approach protection and saving targets as planned. Reducing or temporarily stopping premium might lead to policy lapses if PAV is not enough to pay for monthly Cost of insurance and Admin charges.

(4) Increase/decrease of SA is allowed from Policy year 3, provided new SA must meet the condition of minimum and maximum SA as per Prudential’s regulations. Increasing SA is only allowed in case LA age is not over 65 at the time of request & meets underwriting requirements.

(5) The policy matures when the LA attains age 100, however, the PO may choose to terminate the policy earlier according to the actual needs in the future. Please be awared that insurance policy is a long-term commitment and investment; hence, except for force majeures, customers should not terminate the policy in early Policy Years due to the high Surrender Charge in this period. 

(6) The option can be taken one time only before the Policy anniversary date right after the 60th birthday of the Life Assured and within 90 days from the date of one of mentioned events with the maximum increase of 50% of initial SA and not exceed VND 500 mil. Increasing SA will lead to Cost of Insurance increase and PAV decrease in the future. Therefore, to approach saving targets as plan, customers should pay more premium after increasing SA.

(7) TPD benefit is payable in case the Life Assured suffers from TPD before the Policy anniversary date right after the 80th birthday of the Life Assured.

(8) In case the LA dies due to accident within 180 days from the date of accident before

the Policy anniversary date right after the 65th birthday of the Life Assured.

(9) The cash advance does not exceed VND 500 mil. During the cash advance period, the PAV remains unchanged and is still entitled to earn interest on 100% of PAV. The maximum advance period is 6 months. After 6 months, if LA is still alive and Policyowner has not returned the cash advance, this cash advance will be deducted from PAV. SA, in this case, might be decreasingly adjusted accordingly as per specified in Terms and Conditions.

(10) Loyalty bonuses are automatically added to Excess Premium Account value if Target Premiums are paid fully annually and the Policyholder does not make withdrawal from the Target Premium Account value and not reduce SA during the review period. Review period is from Policy year 6 to Policy year 10 and every 3 years from Policy Year 11.

 All of features and insurance benefits presented herein are of summarized nature and for reference only. All features and conditions thereof shall be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions as approved by the Ministry of Finance.   

Please carefully study the terms and conditions to master your benefits, products' features and charges.

Understanding our customers’ concerns about their kids’ education, Prudential Vietnam, in partnership with EF Education First, is pleased to offer our special promotion program namely “Passport for the Future” to our PRU-WholeLife Cover - Education plan customers.

With this program, we hope to provide our customers with an effective saving and protection solution that secures a financial plan for their kids’ education while bringing them peace of mind against unfortunate risks in life.

We truly hope this program would be a passport for your kids to become international citizens from today.

  1. Passport for the Future would bring you the following benefits:
  • Priority enrollment and scholarship when applying to Undergraduate and Graduate programs of HULT Business School
  • Exclusive 5-15% discount on all EF programs
  • Chance to win a 2 week course in Singapore when registering at
  • Those who complete EF’s University Foundation Year and Pre-Master programs would receive:
    • Valuable scholarship for HULT graduate and undergraduate programs
    • Priority enrollment to a network of more than 150 partnered universities of EF at UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Germany.
  1. Introduction about EF:

EF Education First was founded in 1965 and is currently one the biggest educational corporations in the world with more than 500 offices and schools at more than 52 countries. EF provides educational programs specialized in languages, educational travel, cultural exchange and academic study for students from 8 years old, middle school, highschool, undergraduate, graduate and adults. More information about EF can be found at

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