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Good health is the foundation for every plan in life. The choice of a healthcare solution with reasonable premium and benefits that suits the needs of customers and their family is the concern of many customers.

Understanding these concerns, Prudential Vietnam proudly introduces <span style="color: #ed1b2e;">PRU</span>-AN VUI Health Care Package with 2 Plans: Economy and Affordable, giving customers a stable fulcrum to care customer’s health and secure their finance against the risk of death/Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) at a reasonable premium.

(Unit: dong)

  PRU-AN VUI Economy PlanPRU-AN VUI Affordable Plan
Inpatient Treatment Benefit (*) 200 million/year 100 million/year
Revival Benefit (*) 200 million/year Not applicable
Death/TPD Benefit 400 million 100 million

(*) Pay on actual medical expenses

  • Support for actual Medical Expenses on Inpatient Treatment up to VND 200 million/ year (Economy Plan) or VND 100 million/year (Affordable Plan). No more worries about preparing money for medical treatment because you can use Direct Billing Service at more than 200 hospitals and clinics linked with Prudential and spread throughout Vietnam.
  • Support for Hospitalization Allowance at the Public Hospital, payment for each day of hospitalization when the Life Insured (LI) has Inpatient Treatment at Public Hospital from 3 days or more.
  • Assistance with paying for the cost of beds for relatives when they are admitted to the hospital to take care of the LI during the hospital stay.
  • Protect customers against death/ TPD risks to carry out financial responsibilities (children's educational future, loans ...), compensating lost income sources, helping families to overcome difficult times towels and maintain quality of life.

Premium Table


Term and Condition PRU-AN VUI Economy Plan

Term and Condition PRU-AN VUI Affordable Plan

Product Features

  PRU-AN VUI (Economy Plan)PRU-AN VUI (Affordable Plan)
Payment of actual medical expenses with specific limits as follows: (Waiting Period 30 days – exclude Accidents)
Under the Advanced Plan of PRU-HEALTH+ Rider Under the Basic Plan of Health Care Rider - Plan A0
Policy Annual Limit 200 million/year 100 million/year
Revival Benefit (applicable conditions) 200 million/year Not applicable
Cancer Treatment
Inpatient and Outpatient Cancer Treatment (Outpatient includes chemotheraphy, radiotheraphy, targeted therapy)
(90 days waiting period)
As charged As charged
Sub-limit per hospitalization 100 million 50 million
Daily Room and Board
(Max 80 days/year)
1,25 million/day 600 thousand/day
Public hospital allowance (*) inclusive in Daily Room and Board sub-limit above (subject to ≥ 3 days hospitalization) 250 thousand/day (*) 100 thousand/day (*)
Daily ICU Max 30 days/year 2 million/day 1 million/day
Daily Companion Bed Max 30 days/year 625 thousand/day 300 thousand/day
Surgery charges 25 million/hospitalization 12 million/hospitalization
Pre-hospitalization (30 days prior to admission) As charged As charged
Miscellaneous inpatient charges As charged As charged
Post-hospitalisation (60 days after discharge, max 5 visit/year)   As charged As charged
Daily home nursing care Max 10 days/year 250 thousand/day 120 thousand/day
Organ transplant (kidney, heart, liver, lung and bone marrow, pancreas) Max: once/lifetime
(90 days waiting period)
50 million per transplant for Life Assured (LI) 25 million per transplant for (LI)
25 million per transplant for donor 12 million per transplant for donor
Special Outpatient Benefits
Day Surgery 3,5 million/year 1,7 million/year
Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment 3,5 million/accident 1,7 million/accident
Local Emergency Ambulance service 3,75 million/year 1,7 million/year
Pregnancy complication treatments
(270 days waiting period)
15 million/year Not applicable
DEATH/TPD BENEFITS Under Term Life Product
LI dies without no claims for TPD benefit before and not in Exclusion Death Pay 1 time of 400 million Pay 1 time of 100 million
LI is TPD and not in Exclusion TPD Pay 40 million per year, 10 times within 10 years (In case the policy matures or the insurer dies but has not received the full 10 times of payment: Pay the remaining amount at one time) Pay 10 million per year, 10 times within 10 years  (In case the policy matures or the insurer dies but has not received the full 10 times of payment: Pay the remaining amount at one time)
 PRU-AN VUI (Economy Plan)PRU-AN VUI (Affordable Plan)
  Main LI Additional LI Main LI Additional LI
Products PRU-AN VUI (Economy Plan) PRU-HEALTH+ (Advanced Plan) PRU-AN VUI (Affordable Plan) Health Care rider – Plan A0
Entry age 15 - 60 years old 30 days old – 65 years old 15 - 55 years old 6 – 65 years old
Maturity Age Up to 65 years old Up to 70 years old Up to 65 years old Up to 70 years old
Policy Term 5 years Yearly renewable, maximum 5 years 10 years Yearly renewable, maximum 10 years or when LI attains 70 years old
Premium Term Yearly


Entry conditions for children:

  PRU-AN VUI (Economy Plan)PRU-AN VUI (Affordable Plan)
Main LI Children from 15 to under 18 years old: Father or Mother is Policy Owner (PO) of the policy of children.
Additional LI Children from 30 days old to 10 years old: Father or Mother of that children is PO of PRU-AN VUI (Economy Plan) and also LI of PRU-HEALTH+. Children from 6 to 10 years old: Father or Mother of that children is PO of PRU-AN VUI (Affordable Plan) and also LI of Health Care rider – Plan A0.
Children 11 to under 18 years old: Father or Mother is PO of plan that children have.


  • The benefit of Health Care rider – Plan A0 is the Inpatient Treatment Benefits of PRU-AN VUI (Affordable Plan).
  • Other business rules/ operation rules for additional LI when purchase PRU-HEALTH+ rider/ Health Care rider – Plan A0 will follow current practice of Prudential and of PRU-HEALTH+ rider.

Prudential will not settle any Insurance Benefits for PRU-AN VUI Health Care Package arising out of, relating to or the consequences of some of the following:

  • Suicide within 24 months from the Effective Date of the Insurance Policy or the date of reinstatement of the Policy; or
  • HIV infection; have AIDS; or AIDS-related illnesses; or
  • Violations of the Insured or the Insured.
  • Occurs before the Effective Date, or before the latest Effective Date; whichever comes later; or
  • Suicide fails resulting in total and permanent Injury or self-injury of the Insured, whether in a normal mental state or insane; or
  • Participate in aviation activities unless as a passenger on civil flights; or
  • Intentional acts of the Policyholder, the Insured and / or the Beneficiaries.
  • The Pre-existing Medical Condition is not declared, or the declared Rre-existing Medical Condition and is not approved in writing by Prudential at the time of underwriting;
  • Congenital diseases and congenital anomalies, genetic testing or counseling;
  • HIV infection, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) venereal disease and sexually transmitted diseases, including complications of the Disease and side effects of treating Disease;
  • Treatment of conditions arising directly or indirectly related to suicide, attempted suicide, intentionally causing injuries whether in a state of alertness or insanity;
  • Injury or Illness resulting from the performance or attempted of the criminal or law violations of the Insured, the Beneficiary or Policyholder;
  • All examination and treatment related to maternity, birth delivery (including whether or not a natural delivery or caesarean section) and other Pregnancy complications not covered under Inpatient Benefits unless Life Assured is covered under Maternity Care Benefit.


The content stated in this document is for summary only and for reference only.

Details of insurance benefits, conditions of application, and all exclusions are provided in the Terms and Conditions of Term Life Insurance products, PRU-HEALTH+ rider and Health Care rider – Plan A0 approved by the Ministry of Finance.

  • Policy Annual Limit: the maximum amount paid for expenses incurred for Medically Necessary Services during the Policy Year for each Policy Benefit as specified in the Benefit Schedule.
  • Sublimit: is the maximum payment limit for each type of expenses incurred for Medically Necessary Services as specified in the Benefit Schedule.
  • Co-payment: is the percentage calculated on the actual medical cost that Policyholder is responsible for paying for each Life Assured Event under this Rider .
  • Waiting period is the period when Life Assured Event, if any, shall not be paid and shall be specified according to each Policy Benefit. Waiting period is calculated from the first Effective Date or Reinstatement Date or Policy Alteration Date of changing the Healthcare Plan (for added or increased benefits) of this Rider (including these dates), whichever comes later. In case more than one Waiting periods involves, the longest Waiting period will be applied. 
  • Revival benefit: is the benefit that is applied when the Insured has used up the Maximum Insurance Limit for Inpatient Treatment. At that time, customers can still continue to have up to 100% of the Policy Annual Limit without having to pay any additional premium with the following conditions:
    • The cause of hospitalization is not related to or complications arising from any of the preceding causes of hospitalisation.
    • PO co-pays 30% on actual medical expenses.
    • In case Prudential is not the first payer of insurance benefits, Prudential will pay Medical expenses after deducting the amounts already paid under other Insurance Programs and the amount paid, in all cases, it will not exceed 70% of actual medical expenses.
    • The maximum coverage limit of Revival Benefits is applied in each policy year and does not accumulate over the years.

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