Juvenile Critial Illness Rider


100% số tiền bảo hiểm

Critical illness benefit

quyền lợi tử vong khi tham gia bảo hiểm

Death benefit

Product Details

Premium Term

Same as policy term

Policy Term

5 - 25 years

Entry Age

30 days - 15 years old
Maximum expired age: 25 years old

Death Benefit

Higher value of total premium paid (no interest) and 5% SA of this rider.

Critical Illness Benefit

- 100% Sum Assured
- 16 critical illness coverage

1. Critical Illness benefit

Provide financial support of 100% Sum Assured (SA) when your child is diagnosed with one of 16 covered critical illnesses, in time for the child to overcome illness and continue to live with loved ones.

1 Invasive Cancer 9 Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Disease)
2 Major Organ Transplant 10 Severe Epilepsy
3 Tubercular Meningitis 11 Kawasaki Disease with heart implications
4 Poliomyelitis 12 Rheumatic Fever with Heart Involvement
5 Paralysis 13 Severe Asthma
6 Major Head Trauma 14 Severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (Still’s disease)
7 Wilson’s disease 15 Hand, foot, mouth diseases with severe (life threatening) complications
8 Viral Encephalitis 16 Bone Marrow Transplant

2. Death benefit

Prudential shall pay the higher value of total premium paid (no interest) and 5% SA at the time of death of Life Assured (LA).

Note: All features and insurance benefits presented herein are summarized for reference only. All features and conditions thereof shall be carried out in accordance with the Terms and Conditions as approved by the Ministry of Finance. 

Please study the Terms & Conditions carefully to understand the product’s benefits, features and charges.

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