PRU Crisis Waiver Of Premium


when suffering from 1 of 52 critical illness conditions

Waiver of premium benefit

Prudential Vietnamand adult from 6-70 years old

Entry range

52 critical illness conditions

Wide range of coverage

Product Details

Premium Term

same as policy term

Policy Term

5-30 years

Entry Age

6 - 70 years old
Max age at maturity policy: 80 years old

TPD Benefit


Death Benefit


Critical Illness Benefit
  • Waive future premium of whole policy
  • Range of coverage: 52 critical illness conditions

In the event that the life assured suffers from critical illness, the waiver of future premium shall apply to the entire policy until end of policy term of this rider while all the benefits of the policy shall remain payable according to the chosen plan.


All of features and insurance benefits presented hereunder are of summarized nature and for reference only. All features and conditions thereof shall be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions as approved by the Ministry of Finance.
Please carefully study the terms and conditions to master your benefits and products' features

Protection Plans

Take care of yourself and your family with comprehensive financial protection plans against various risks such as accidents, critical illnesses, etc.


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