Prudential Ambassadors Centre (PAC) 's mission is to bridge the gap between Vietnamese university students and Prudential.

PAC aims to nurture talented Vietnamese university students to become the face, the voice and the future of Prudential. 

PAC Qualities:

  • 2nd or 3rd year Vietnamese university students
  • GPA >= 7.0 or equivalents
  • Good English skills
  • Proactive, passionate and responsible
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Proactive in social media, social activities and school activities
  • Leadership experiences is a plus

PAC  Missions

  • You will become Prudential’s representatives at your university who are skillful for giving advice and answering any enquiries related to student recruitment programs and campus events of Prudential.
  • Building and maintaining good relationship with universities, student clubs and other youth organizations
  • Supporting Prudential in student/campus events and other activities as assigned
  • Share selected posts from Facebook Fanpage: Prudential Vietnam Careers and post topics required by Prudential
  • Commitment to visit Prudential office for quarterly report on self-development progress
  • Commitment to spend at least 5 hours per week to work on Prudential assigned tasks

PAC Privileges

  • Handful experienced CV and PAC 2016-17 certification
  • Career development: get face-to-face career advice from your buddy at Prudential
  • Professional advancement: professional soft skills and insurance business workshop/sharing with Prudential talents
  • Leadership growth: hands on experiences with various Prudential projects and insight of Prudential leadership capability model
  • Opportunity of Internship and/or passing the first round of Fresh Graduate programs (LEAP  & SMA)  for high-performing individuals
  • Networking enhancement: opportunity to meet and work with Prudential’s expertise and leaders

Selection Process

Please upload your resume/CV on HERE to apply for PAC.

Submission deadline: 13/11/2016

Meet our Ambassadors

our people pru ambassador

1/ Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy - PruAm in International University HCMC

Leader of team PR on Career Fair 2014 of International University HCM

our people pru ambassador

2/ Dang Thi Quynh Nhu – PruAm in Foreign Trade University – HCMC Campus

Leader of Strategic Partnership of Action Club, Student Union, Foreign Trade University HCM Campus

Leader of team External relations of many programme such as Young Innovators Forum

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