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ROSE project

In this programme, free life insurance contracts are given to spouses of victims died because of traffic accidents who are raising under 18 year-old kids from poor and nearly poor families. Each 50 million VND contract is given to each kid in the family until they are 18 years old without limitation of kid quantity.

In addition to free life insurance contract, there are other activities in the programme, such as: granting scholarships, supporting to find jobs for victims’ family members, giving saving books, giving seedling, supporting medical expense and life amenities.

About ROSE project

“ROSE project” is the programme sponsored by National Traffic Safety Committee, the provincial traffic safety boards in coordination with Prudential Vietnam has launched from 2014 to 2019 in 63 provinces all over the country. The goal of the project is to share with the victims and families whose members unfortunately have suffered from traffic accidents and are in difficult circumstances. This considers as the encouragement and support to bring them opportunities and motivations to pass through difficulties in life. The second stage of the programme with the message “Vong tay yeu thuong – An tam tiep buoc” companied with Prudential Vietnam by granting free insurance contracts to the families whose fathers or mothers died because of traffic accidents. Specifically in 2015, totally 1927 insurance contracts were already granted to 1065 benefited families in 13 provinces. In 2016, 919 insurance contracts were given to 488 families in 63 provinces. In 2017, about 1500 -2000 additional insurance contracts which cost 600 million VND were given to 1000 families all over the country.

Meaning of the programme for people who benefit:

Mr. Nguyen Van Chieu, who is the father of our client Mr. Nguyen Van Cao as well as the legal guardian of Mr. Cao’s three kids, emotionally shared: “Before, when we were given free life insurance contract from Prudential Vietnam, we couldn’t imagine how valuable the contract was. Up to now, when my son and my daughter-in-law passed away, I received the compensation from insurance company, I really felt assured about education future of my three little grandchildren, my family’s worry is also reduced”.

Highlighted numbers of the programme:

In two years of 2015 and 2016, 2846 life insurance contracts were given to 1553 families across 63 provinces. It is expected that by 2019, free life insurance contracts will be given to 5000 families. Each insurance contract is given to each kid in the family until they are 18 years old without limitation of kid quantity. The duration of the contract is 18 years in maximum and 5 years in minimum and applied all over the country.

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